Nirse González Classical Guitarist

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[...] Last Tuesday, Nirse González performed at the Sala de Cámara del Auditori in Castellon. During a select program, he showed a variety of his sensitivity and his excellent technique. [...]Levante El Mercantil Valenciano, 25.10.2007
[...] Nirse González showed that he is capable of creating an excellent, large and rich sound – the listener gets carried away with ritenutos that are filled with emotion in Albeniz’ Granada and accents of (Milhaud’s) Segoviana [...] Levante El Mercantil Valenciano, 25.10.2007
The touching final (des XL Certamen Internacional de Guitarra Francisco Tarrega) had a brilliant winner. The Venezuelan Nirse González achieved the highest award of the competition thanks to playing his interpretations with such grandeur.Las Provincias, 10.9.2006
Last night, Venezuelan Nirse González won the XL Certamen International de Guitarra Francisco Tárrega. 25-year-old Nirse González faced up to the challenge of Fantasía para un gentil hombre by Rodrigo with elegance and expressiveness, with clean cadenzas and a strong picking/strumming technique. He elegantly worked through fast passages. Tarregas works were full of exemplary inspiration. He played Rosita, Marieta and Maria. El Periódico Mediterráneo, 9.9.2006
The Venezuelan Nirse González wins the 40th edition of Francisco Tárrega competition [...]
Nirse González commanded the Fantasía para un gentilhombre – the piece he had selected among the four concerts provided by the organization - from the very first chords. His brilliant and large sound and his excellent command of the lyrics made it easy for the orchestra to play along comfortably. Outstanding were the interludes with oboe and trumpet. Animated in the Tarrega piece Rosita, melancholic in Marieta and excessively accelerated (yet credible) in Maria. [...] The potent sound and Nirse’s vehemence must have played an important role in the judges' decision-making process. Levante El Mercantil de Valenciano, 10.9.2006