Guitar Recital


Music production Dabringhaus and Grimm
Classica Venezolana
Release date: 2010
Formation: Flute: Anette Maiburg, Vocals: Fabiola José, Guitar: Nirse González, Cuatro: Jesús González Brito


With his new CD "Classica Venezolana", Nirse González goes on a musical journey through his home country Venezuela.
Folklore is of particular value in the South American country.  Playing music spontaneously with family and friends is cultivated and is part of expressing life. The music is just as diverse as Venezuela's landscapes.
Melancholy, virtuosity, lust for life and fast rhythms alternate with each other.
The transitions to classical music are flowing - you can feel influences by European classical music: the waltz is one of the most important musical genres. Other pieces are arranged in counterpoints similar to baroque style music.
In addition, the excellent musical education in Venezuela has become a role model for very talented composers which can be heard here.
With German flutist Anette Maiburg and her award-winning "Classica..." series, Nirse González has found the ideal partner for his musical project.
The series was created at the classic label Dabringhaus and Grimm in order to present world music on a high musical level designed for the classic concert hall.
With singer Fabiola José and cuatro player Jesús González Brito, they were able to win two first-class musicians from Venezuela.


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Pieza folclórica:
Pajarillo 5:06
Antonio Lauro (1917-1986):
Natalia 1:38
Antonio Estévez (1916-1988):
El Ordeñador 3:15
Rodrigo Riera (1923-1999):
Canción Caroreña 3:16
"El Indio" Figueredo (1899-1995):
El Gavilán 2:36
Antonio Lauro (1917-1986):
La Negra 3:05
Héctor Molina (1980):
De Cotiza a Legazpi 2:54
Vicente Emilio Sojo (1887-1974):
5 Piezas Venezolanas 5:36
1. Cantico
2. Aguinaldo
3. Canción
4. Aire Venezolano
5. Galerón
Manuel Yánez (1941-2000):
Viajera del rio 4:27
Federico Ruiz (1948):
Rítmico andar 3:43
Heraclio Fernandez (1851-1886):
El Diablo suelto 2:12
Otilio Galíndez (1935-2009):
Ahora (Vals lento) 5:13
Inocente Carreño (1919):
Mañanita Pueblerina 5:03
Omar Acosta (1964):
Solo de Pajarillo 3:36
Cruz Felipe Iriarte (1922):
El Frutero 3:06 (Merengue en 5/8 )
Antonio Lauro (1917-1986):
Seis por derecho 3:01
Cristóbal Soto (1954):
El Tercio 2:42

Total Time: 61:10



Guitar Recital


Laureate Series NAXOS
Nirse González
Guitar Recital
Release date: 2007


On his first album, Nirse González introduces himself with standard works for classic       
guitar. The release is part of winning the1st prize at the internationally-renowned competition
„XL Certamen Internacional de Guitarra Francisco Tárrega 2006“.
You can listen to his own arrangment of the second violin sonata BWV 1003 by J.S.  Bach for guitar, the sonata of Spanish composer A. José, Théme Varié et Finale by M. Ponce, the world premiere of two works of the Cuban guitarist and composer J. Clerch and - as a hommage to the eponym of the competition - two pieces by F. Tarrega.
Critics point out the exact play, exactness with regards to the rhythm, virtuosity and in particular its remarkable musicality.
The NAXOS critic David's Review Corner of August 2007 reads:
I hope we will hear a lot more of this young Venezuelan, his musicianship a cut above others I have heard in recent years.


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Antonio Jose
Guitar Sonata

I. Allegro moderato 06:45
II. Minuetto 02:42
III. Pavana triste 05:09
IV. Final 04:25

Manuel Maria Ponce
Tema variado y final (Theme Varie et Finale) 08:15

Johann Sebastian Bach
Violin Sonata No. 2 in A minor, BWV 1003 (arr. Nirse Gonzalez for guitar)

I. Grave 03:25
II. Fuga 07:12
III. Andante 05:15
IV. Allegro 05:43

Joaquin Clerch
En Volos 03:04
Estudio de acordes 02:51
Estudio de ligados 01:56

Francisco Tarrega
Adelita, Mazurka 01:50
Mazurka in G major 02:51